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Now Is The Time To Wake Up

Women and the Hourglass Series®

Marylou Falstreau

Marylou Falstreau, creator of the “Women and the Hourglass” series believes that loving, forgiving, laughing and napping are keys to a happy and fulfilling life. Her creations are joyful reminders that in spite of history….anything is possible.


Card Deck

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Now is the time to wake up to Love and Life and your own magnificence! Now is the time to release the past and join the dance!







Turning Green


Whispers In My Ear™

A creative collaboration by Alan & Marylou Falstreau.
The “whispered” messages began several years ago and have changed our lives in wondrous and inexplicable ways. Alan softly listens for the ancient wisdom he has grown accustomed to hearing early each morning, and records it in his notebook. I then take the inspired words and turn them into little pieces of art we believe are meant to be shared.


We have turned green!

Our prints and cards are now proudly printed in the USA 
* solar power 
* water based inks (no toxins) 
Prints are UV coated
* FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.